Descendants of John Ham



Generation No. 1


1.  JOHN1 HAM1 was born Abt. 1740 in Ireland1, and died February 05, 1779 in Rowan County, now Iredell County, around Statesville, North Carolina1.  He married UNKNOWN W/O JOHN HAM, daughter of WILLIAM BEARD and MARY BEARD.  She was born Abt. 1740, and died Bef. February 01, 1779.


Notes for JOHN HAM:


Feb 05, 1779 John HAM estate papers are filed in Rowan County, NC. Correspondence with Susan Bullock of Reidsville, NC. Susan cites: "Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas - Quarter Sessions - Rowan County 1775 - 1779," vol III, pg 49 by Jo White Linn.


HAM, John

Rowan County 1779 Court Records vol 4, pgs 196,197 NC Archives

Wife not mentioned, already deceased.



John HAM b. ABT 1771



Betty HAM b. Apr 11, 1761

Nacey HAM b. Mar 13, 1770

Jean HAM b. Mar 15, 1776

Zarina HAM


Susan Bullock also sent a transcript of the Court records regarding the Rowan County John HAM from Feb 5, 1779. I would suggest that you contact Susan if you need a copy of that. William BEARD was appointed guardian of the orphan children.


From: Submitter: Susan Bullock



John Ham - Died about 1779 in Rowan County (current day Iredell Co., NC.). His line includes son John who had sons John & William. Land on Hunting Creek. I have not been able to "fit" him in anywhere. His descendants stayed in the Iredell Co., NC area, around current day Statesville, NC. He may have come from Ireland???


John HAM BEF 1750 - BEF 1779. Born: BEF 1750 Died: BEF Feb 05, 1779 in Rowan County, NC. Married: Unknown



Betty HAM Born: Apr 11, 1761

Nacey HAM Born: Mar 13, 1770

John HAM Born: ABT 1771

Jean HAM Born: Mar 15, 1776

Zarina HAM


"John HAM (d. bef. 1 Feb 1779)

Wife Unknown (d. bef. 1 Feb 1779)


Billy HAM

Betty (Mary?) HAM, (b. Apr 1768)

Nancy HAM (b. 13 Mar. 1770), m. (16 Jul 1801) David DICKEY

John HAM (c. 1770 - 23 Jul 1847)

Jean HAM, (b. 15 Mar 1776)

Zarina HAM (b.c. 1778)



Thomas & David Beard ordered to bring during the sitting of this Court Six Orphan Children of John Ham to be dealt with as the Law directs." Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Rowan County, NC, 4:187. 1 Feb 1779.


"Betty Ham Orphan of John Ham Decd be bound to Will: Beard until she is 18, being 11 next Apr., sd Master to give sd Apprentice when free a good saddle & bridle, 4 cows & Calves & a good spinning Wheel more than the Law directs. Nacey Ham Orphan of John Ham Decd bound to David Beard until she is 18, being 9 the 13th of Mar. next, to receive from Master same as Betty Ham. John Hamm Orphan of John Hamm decd bound to Arthur Chambers until he is 21, he being now 8, to learn the Trade of Wheelwright and to be given a good Saddle & bridle & a Set of tools fitting for sd Trade at the expiration of his sd Apprenticeship. Jean Ham Orphan of John Ham decd bound to James Wallace until she is 18, being 3 on 15 Mar. next, sd Master to comply with the Act of Assembly & give sd Apprentice 1 Cow & calf & spinning Wheel at the Expiration of her sd Time. William Beard apptd guardian of Zarina Ham Orphan of John Hamm decd & give David Beard Security in L100."

Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Rowan County, NC, 4:196-7. 5 Feb 1779.


John Ham named in will of David Beard, to receive L3.0.0. Will of David Beard, Iredell Co., NC, book B, page 51, made 26 Sep 1785, proved 8 Nov 1785.


 "George H. Burges for John Ham vs. Arthur Chambers. Jury charged. finds for the plaintiff and assigns his damages to L35.0.0." Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Iredell County, NC, I:150. 19 Feb 1794.


 "Three pounds to be divided among Mary, Billy, Nancy, John, Jean, & Zerin Ham." Will of William Beard (d. 9/18/1795), Iredell Co., NC, book 1, page 67.


Marriage bond, Nancy Hamm to David Dickey, signed James Dickey. 16 Jul 1801.




Because five of the children were taken in by the Beard family, Arthur Chambers, and James Wallace (all of whom were related to each other either directly by marriage or through marriages with the Steeles and/or Robesons) it is possible that either John Ham or his wife (or both) were also related to the benefactors of the children. Note that six Ham children inherited from William Beard and that the younger John Ham inherited from David Beard. Also note that the court order names Betty, Nacey (sic), John, Jean, and Zarina, while William Beard's will names Billy, Mary, Nancy, John, Jean, and Zerin (sic). It is probable that Betty and Mary are the same individual. Billy is assumed to be either already apprenticed or of age and/or gainfully employed at the time of the court decision of 5 Feb 1779.


The younger John Ham has been confused in the past with John Ham (d.1811) of the Hunting Creek area of N.E. Iredell County. However, early land and census records show a John Ham in continuing close proximity to the Hair, Beard, Chambers, and Steele families in the Fourth Creek area of Cool Springs Twp. His (presumed) second wife, Esther Haire, was also a Robeson descendant. Esther Haire's paternal grandmother was Esther Robeson, who was probably related by marriage to both the Chambers and Steele families. Later records show a proximity of John Ham to some of his own children and their spouses along Little Rocky Creek in Sharpsburg Twp. His widow Esther contined to live in this area until her death in 1874.


It is also possible that John Ham (d. 1811) was the John Ham listed as a soldier in Iredell Co. in 1784 and, thus, too old to be the eight-year-old orphan of 5 Feb 1779. "


More About JOHN HAM:

Will: 1779, Rowan County Court Records vol 4, pgs 196, 197 NC Archives


Children of JOHN HAM and UNKNOWN HAM are:

                   i.    BETTY2 HAM1, b. April 11, 17611.


Notes for BETTY HAM:

Feb. 5, 1779

Court orders: Betty Ham (b. April 1768) 11 years old next April bound to William Beard until she is 18 years old (April 1786).


                  ii.    NANCY HAM1, b. March 13, 17701; m. DAVID DICKEY, July 16, 1801; b. Abt. 1770.


Notes for NANCY HAM:

Feb. 5, 1779

Court orders: Nancey Ham (b. Mar. 13, 1770) 9 years old on Mar. 13 be bound to David Beard until she is 18 years old (March 13, 1788).



Marriage: July 16, 1801


2.              iii.    JOHN HAM, b. Abt. 1771, Ireland; d. July 28, 1847, Snow Creek, Iredell County, North Carolina.

                 iv.    JEAN HAM1, b. March 15, 17761.

                  v.    ZARINA HAM1, b. Abt. 1778.


Notes for ZARINA HAM:

(daughter, no age given, but under the age of 21 since she was

     appointed a guardian - William BEARD)