Descendants of John Ham

Generation No. 2

2.  JOHN2 HAM (JOHN1)2,3,4,5 was born Abt. 1771 in Ireland6,7,8,9, and died July 28, 1847 in Snow Creek, Iredell County, North Carolina10,11.  He married ESTHER HAIR12,13,14 Abt. 1808, daughter of I. DAVID HAIR, SR..  She was born 1791 in Iredell County, North Carolina15,16,17, and died July 06, 1874 in Snow Creek, Iredell County, North Carolina18.

Notes for JOHN HAM:
Feb. 5, 1779 Court orders: John Ham (b. ca. 1771) 8 years old be bound to Arthur Chambers until the age of 21 years (ca. 1792).

1847 Will of John Ham - Iredell County, North Carolina - Iredell County 1847 Will Book 3, pg 21 NC Archives;
July 22, 1847 John HAM files will in Iredell County, NC
Lists wife Esther (Ester) Ham & children: Sons: Thomas M. HAM, Silas S. HAM, David F. HAM, John J. HAM
Daughters: Mary HAM, Elizabeth DOBSON, Rebecca LYON
Wife Ester - All of plantation except 50 acres, All personal property, stock of houses, cattle, hogs, sheep. All crops of wheat & oats, corn to have during her natural life and no longer.
Son Thomas M. - 50 ac. of land on N. part of plantation starting at Adam Webber's corner.
Son Silas - All of mothers portion at her death.
Executor:  Silas Ham

from Susan Bullock []
John HAM (c.1770- 23 Jul 1847), of Cool Springs & Sharpsburg Twps., Iredell Co., NC
m. (1) Wife Unknown

Mary A. "Polly" HAM (29 Jan 1809 - 27 May 1879)
m. (2) (c.1810)Esther HAIRE(1791 - 6 Jul 1874), d/o David HAIR (RWS) of Iredell Co., NC
Thomas M. HAM (b.c. 1812)
David F. HAM (b.c. 1815)
John Jefferson HAM(c.1815 - 1867)
William HAM (b.c. 1815)
Elizabeth HAM (29 Mar 1816 - 11 May 1899), m. Benjamin DOBSON
Rebecca HAM (b.c. 1816), m. William Hill LYON
Silas Stanley HAM (19 Jun 1826 - 31 Mar 1890), m. Sarah Elizabeth HICKS


William Steele to John Ham for $200.00: 2 tracts of land (70 acres total), one lying on the north side of Fourth creek joining James Gay, James Hinson, David Hair, and Patrick McGuire, containing 40 acres. Another track on north side of Fourth creek, joining David Hair, William Steele, James Gay, John Gay, and Patrick McGuire containing 30 acres. Witnesses: John Gay & David Dickey. Iredell Co. N.C., Deed Book F, p. 565. 7 Nov 1807.

Land transaction description shows John Ham owning land on Little Rocky Creek. Iredell Co. N.C., Deed Book J, p. 294. 22 Sep 1817.

Land transaction description shows John Ham owning land on Little Rocky Creek. Iredell Co. N.C., Deed Book Y, p. 651. 16 Nov 1846.

1810 Census of Iredell Co., NC.
Census Film #M252-40 John Ham   age 26-45 category (would have been 30 y.o.a.)
shows John Ham living near Hairs, Beards, et al. with one male aged  26<45 and one female aged <10. It is presumed that John Ham, at about 40 years old, was widowed and living with infant daughter Mary.

1820 Census of Iredell Co., NC.
Census Film #M33-#80 John Ham/age 26-45 category (would have been 50 y.o.a.)
Other Males:  3 under 10   (would include John J. 1815, David? Male/Carter?) Females:  2 under 10   (Elizabeth & Polly); 1 female 10-15 (Mary); 1 female 25-46 (Esther Hair, wife and mother) (NOTE:  Silas was born in 1826 so would not have shown in this census)  
shows John Ham among several Holland families. According to land deed descriptions, there were Hollands on Little Rocky Creek.

1830 CENSUS six males and four females in family.  Ages of John and Esther, Mary, John, Elizabeth, Polly, and Silas all fit into appropriate categories. Names of 3 males, ages 5-15, are unknown (David?, Male/Carter?, Thomas M?).

1840 CENSUS NC VOLUME 5 (159 - 294)  Iredell, Page 1, shows a Carter D. Ham, Male 20-30, Female 30-40, 2 Females under 5 y.o.a., and 1 Male, a Female 5-10 y.o.a.     Could be the "Male 1815-1825" shown in John Ham/Esther Hair Family Group Sheet from Mary M. Fannin, 1855 Twin Pines Dr., Macon, GA 31211 which she submitted with application papers for DAR.

1850 Census of Iredell Co., NC, pp.121-122, shows Esther Ham:
Dwelling #74; Family #74; Name: Esther Ham;  Age: 65;  Sex: f;  Trade; Real Estate: 700;  Place Born: NC
Also in household:  Polly, age 30  female; Silas, age 23, male, farmer

More About JOHN HAM:
Burial: Snow Creek Cemetery, Row 10, Iredell County, North Carolina18,19
Census: 1810, Iredell County, North Carolina, Census Film #M252-40 John Ham age 26-45
Died 2: July 28, 1847, at 77 years old20
Estate Papers: 1849, Iredell County, NC; Silas Stanley Ham - executor
Immigration: 1808, Port of Philadelphia
Residence: 1794, Bought land on Hunting Creek in  Rowan County21
Will: 1847, WB-3/21, AR, County 054-Iredell22

Notes for ESTHER HAIR:
Note from an email from Audrey Hamm Dominoski.

"They also invited Adrian and Martha Dobson who joined us with their granddaughter, Elizabeth.  Because of this I got to go to Ham's Grove Church/Cemetery, Snow Creek Cemetery, and my Dad's old homestead! Elizabeth was in college at the time but had grown up there and was a marvelous guide!  Her knowledge of Snow Creek Cem. astounded me!  In return I was able to share articles on the Dobson and Ham families that were published in the Heritage of Iredell County.  They hadn't seen them so were delighted.  I also have an article on Ham's Grove Church which is very special to me.  There was no church for John and Esther's family to worship in so she was instrumental in having a brush arbor cleared on their property to use for this purpose.  I quote from Article #275 Heritage of Iredell County: "In 1913 Charles (Horne) bought the old Friendship Church building which was being removed for a new building, moved it to a portion of land belonging to Silus Ham where services were being held in a brush arbor, bought this land and donated it and the church building to form Ham's Grove Baptist Church.  Wilford (Horne), C.H. Horne, and John W.  Jordan were the first deacons of this church." Charles' and Wilford's brother Webb married Myrtle Ham.  I worshiped at Ham's Grove on the Sunday I was in Statesville and was able to give them history of their church that even they didn't know.  It made me feel good to be able to give something back.  Another point of interest is that the church still rests on the original timbers that were laid for the foundation, even after a couple remodelings!
In your e-mail, you referred to John Ham (1770-1847) as John "William" Ham, leading me to believe that you know something I don't!  I'd be interested in knowing as much about all our joint ancestors as you are willing to share!  I have the Hams and Hairs as coming from Ireland but have no documentation. "

Burial: Snow Creek Cemetery, Row 10, Iredell County, North Carolina23,24

Marriage: Abt. 1808

Children of JOHN HAM and ESTHER HAIR are:
i.    MARY A. "POLLY"3 HAM25,26,27, b. January 29, 180928,29,30; d. May 27, 1879, Iredell County, North Carolina31.

Notes for MARY A. "POLLY" HAM:
Mary Ham listed as daughter in the will of John Ham, whose wife is listed as Esther Ham.

For whatever reason, Mary "Polly" Ham, eldest daughter of John Ham (d.1847), has "lost" a full eleven years in the 1850, 1860, and 1870 Censuses! However, the birthdate her headstone is supported by the 1810 Census.

from Warren Hamm []
Polly Mary Ham believed to be older sister of Silas S. Ham.

1850 Census, Iredell Co., N.C. 1850 CENSUS:  #M432-634/Pg. #409       (Polly) 30 y.o., F., born North Carolina Iredell Co., North Carolina (listed in the household of Esther Ham)

1860 CENSUS:  #M653-902/pg. #81        (Mary) 40 y.o., F., born North Carolina    /  in home of Esther Ham District N. of Yadkin River, Iredell Co., North Carolina, Snow Creek P.O.

1870 CENSUS:  #M593-1144/pg. #162      (Mary) 50 y.o., F., W., At home, born North Carolina  /  in home of Silas Ham, brother District N. of Yadkin River, Iredell Co., North Carolina, Sweet Home P.O. (Note:  Esther (mother) also living in home of Silas.

More About MARY A. "POLLY" HAM:
Burial: Snow Creek Methodist Church Cemetery, Row 10,  Iredell County, North Carolina32,33

                  ii.    THOMAS M. HAM, b. Abt. 1812.

Notes for THOMAS M. HAM:
Thomas M. Ham listed as son in the will of John Ham, whose wife was listed as Esther Ham

3.              iii.    WILLIAM HAM, b. Abt. 1815, Alexander County, North Carolina.
4.              iv.    JOHN JEFFERSON HAM, b. 1815; d. 1867.
v.    REBECCA HAM, b. Abt. 1816; m. WILLIAM HILL LYON; b. Abt. 1816.

Notes for REBECCA HAM:
Rebecca Lyon listed as daughter in will of John Ham, whose wife was listed as Esther Ham

5.              vi.    ELIZABETH HAM, b. March 29, 1816; d. May 11, 1899, Iredell County, North Carolina.
vii.    DAVID F. HAM, b. November 09, 1817; d. June 01, 1871, Hardeman County, Tennessee; m. HARRIET MOORE; b. Abt. 1817; d. Hardeman County, Tennessee.

Notes for DAVID F. HAM:
David F. Ham listed as son in the will of John Ham, whose wife was listed as Esther Ham

From Ruby Wallace []
I will make it a point to look up the census records for these Hams when I next am in the library, and if I see a connection to anything that you have given me, I will let you know.  I don't believe I mentioned that the David F. Ham was b. November 9, 1817 and died June 1, 1871 in Hardeman Co., Tn.  I will look him up....

Jefferson Ham to David Ham for $100.00 to secure debts: 296 acres joining John Ham, William H. Lyon, Benjamin Dobson. Iredell Co. N.C. Deed Book V, p. 135. 28 Feb 1842.

John Ham to David F. Ham for $1.00 to secure debts: 296 acres on Little Rocky Creek joining William H. Lyons and others. Iredell Co., N.C. Deed Book U, p. 572. 7 Apr 1843.

David F. Ham, trustee for John J. Ham, to William Watts for $111.00: 277 acres on Little Rocky Creek joining John Ham, Holland, Benjamin Dobson, William Hill Lyons. Iredell Co. Deed Book W, p. 232. 26 Apr 1844.

6.             viii.          SILAS STANLEY HAM, b. June 19, 1826, Snow Creek P.O., Iredell County, 12 miles north of Statesville,  North Carolina; d. March 31, 1890, Iredell County, North Carolina.